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Reed’s Elite Mixed Martial Arts is dedicated to the highest quality of martial arts training.  We are committed to continually enhancing our program to facilitate our students’ needs in building confidence, a positive attitude, increased concentration and self discipline.  Martial Arts training is much more than kicking and punching.  In fact, our unique program is the ideal way to work out both your body and your mind for a happier, well balanced life.

While the physical aspects of our exceptional program will increase your energy, flexibility and health, the mental curriculum will increase your ability to focus at work or school and help you relax and enjoy your family.  Also, the self defense techniques you learn could save your life.

Although we honor Martial Arts traditions, we teach a mixture of martial arts skills and techniques that allow our students to be the best that they can be.  Taking the best techniques from a variety of martial arts traditions, makes for the best overall martial arts experience by teaching students how to protect themselves while standing or on the ground.  Mixed Martial Arts is the best of all worlds!

Kyle Reed has traveled the US and Overseas training with the best instructors in the world in order to acquire the knowledge and training to teach these elite skills to his students.  Just watching is not enough, continued training and dedication to the art is a must in order to perfect the skill.  Mr. Reed continues his training in order to bring the newest and most innovative techniques to his martial arts studio.  Kyle and his instructors have infused these ancient principles into a comprehensive curriculum that is applicable for any age group.  Just let us show you what we have to offer!  To us, martial arts is a way of life – an art – not a business.


Our goal is to provide training in Mixed Martial Arts through a positive experiencein a controlled, safe and fun environment


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