Adult Class


Classes for Adults age 14 and older are Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30.
Martial Arts also offers an additional bonus that other sports do not provide. Martial Arts teaches self-defense. In the unsettling times in which we live, knowledge of how to protect oneself can be crucial. Adults often report feeling more secure knowing they are capable of defending themselves.
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Martial arts benefits span a spectrum of physical, mental, and social attributes, all of which are learned and improved through martial arts training. Students learn about courtesy, loyalty, respect, perseverance, maintaining a positive attitude, self-control, and integrity. These skills will be taught and reinforced at the martial arts school. Students will be able to utilize all of these skills throughout their lifetime.

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The benefits of physical fitness for students are well-documented. According to the American Council on Exercise, physically active students have fewer chronic health problems than students who are sedentary. Martial arts classes exercise all joints and muscle groups. Regular training causes incremental improvements in fitness.

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Self-esteem is largely based on a student’s self-worth; if students feel capable, able, and confident, then they enjoy a healthy self-esteem. Martial arts training builds self-esteem by providing small challenges that build incremental successes. Students learn that they can overcome the challenges as they improve in their training.

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Martial arts classes, because of their intense workouts, allow students to release nervous energy until they are drained from the exertion. Working up a good sweat has always been a great way to diffuse anger. Experienced martial artists exhibit calmness outside of the training studio as well. This inner peace is due to several factors, but is probably a result of experiencing stressful situations when learning self-defense –and overcoming them. The confidence gained through mastery of martial arts techniques also lends itself to keeping calm in stressful situations.

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The regimented nature of martial arts instruction fosters a deep sense of self-discipline in students. One can’t become a legitimate black belt overnight, and so students learn that their worthy goals will require patience, hard work, and dedicated study over several years. The message is that if it’s worth anything, it’s worth working hard for!

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Learning to execute the complex and deliberate techniques of martial arts requires extreme mental focus. Students need to concentrate under pressure ensuring that a technique is executed crisply and correctly. Students often find this focus is applicable to academic studies as well, citing improved concentration and focus, even under stress as in college entrance examinations

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