School Policy



Rules Of The Studio

For safety reasons, students should be present only during their class time. Students cannot be dropped off or allowed to hang out during another class time, even if they have siblings participating in that class. Due to the addition of new equipment and secondary matted are, there is very little room for observation purposes.

No one is allowed on any matted area, at any time, unless instructed by one of the Senseis. Students are not allowed to practice or stand and visit in the matted areas, even if class is not being held in that area. Parents are asked not to bring siblings to watch class unless they will sit quietly without disrupting class. They will not be allowed to roam around the studio for safety reasons.


If arriving late, do not enter the workout area without permission from the instructor. Remove your shoes before entering the workout area. No talking during class time.

No arguing or fighting, keep your hands and feet off each other.

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated at any time.

Do not lean on walls, mirrors, equipment and no lying on the floor at anytime.

No whining, complaining or “I Can’t” negative attitudes.

If the student will not participate in class activities, or will not follow instructions, or is disrespectful to the instructor, the student will be asked to leave class.

Wear a clean complete uniform during class attendance. If proper attire is not worn, the student will not be allowed to participate in class and will not receive credit for that class.

No chewing gum in class.

Address your instructions as Sensei.

Please wash your feet before attending class. Trim all toenails and fingernails to insure safety in your partner drills; wear clean uniforms on clean bodies as courtesy to the other students.

Bring your required safety equipment to every class.

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