Sensei Allen

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Sensei Allen Gautreaux – 4th Degree Black Belt

A resident of Crowley, Louisiana, Sensei Allen began studying martial arts in November 1980 through Acadiana Karate Institute in Crowley. as part of his training and rank requirements, he began as an assistant instructor as a purple belt. Sensei Allen has partcipated in numerous martial arts training sessions across Louisiana, Texas, Florida and Georgia. With much hard work and dedication, Sensei Allen earned his 1st degree black belt from AKI in 1988 and secured the posistion of Head Instructor at AKI’s Jennings location in 1989. Sensei Kyle began his martial arts training about this time under the leadership of Sensei Allen.

In 1997, When Jeff Davis Karate was established, since Sensei Allen garnished the position as one of four instructors at Jeff Davis Karate. After more than 30 years of training and teaching, Sensei Allen earned his 2nd and 3rd degree Black Belts and currently is ranked as fourth degree Black Belt through Master Kyle Reed.

Sensei Allen has the desire to teach the art of martial arts which helps students build confidence, self-control, patience, sincerity and most of all, humility. The qualities that are necessary to be successful in life.


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