Master Kyle Reed

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Master Kyle Reed began his martial arts training more than 35 years ago.  During high school, he earned a purple belt in Judo from Instructor Don Hamm.  He continued his training in both traditional and non-traditional Martial Arts as he traveled across the United States and Overseas to learn skills from the top fighters and Masters teaching today, going directly to the source.  Kyle actively trains under one primary instructor:  Grand Master Ron Van Browning of Dallas, Texas, who is the founder of The Accelerated Fighting System.  In 2008, Grand Master Van Browning promoted Sensei Kyle to 5th degree Black Belt Master after achieving many years of success as an instructor and leader in the martial arts industry. Mr. Reed is the owner and founder of Jeff Davis Karate Academy which opened its doors in 1998 teaching the art of American Shotokan Karate.  Since beginning his study of martial arts, karate has always been the mainstay, but Mr. Reed took every opportunity to study other forms of martial arts and incorporate those skills into his karate classes.  Over the years, the karate school evolved into a mixed martial arts program incorporating the best of all the skills Mr. Reed had learned throughout his martial arts career.  His mixed martial arts teachings are now based on practical, well-rounded self defense skills.  He has adapted his programs to suit the students’ age as well as mental and physical skill level in order to maintain a safe and controlled environment for mixed martial arts training. Kyle was given the opportunity to meet Chuck Norris and his staff and was given a part in an episode of “Walker Texas Ranger”.  He portrayed a police officer securing a crime scene.  He spent one day on the set with the cast and crew.  He also had the opportunity to get to know Howard Jackson, World Kick Boxing Champion, the bodyguard of Chuck Norris, and Grand Master Rick Moneymaker.  The second day was spent filming out on location for the series. Reed’s Elite Mixed Martial Arts is based on three basic principles:  SIMPLE, PRACTICAL & EFFECTIVE.  These elements are the mainstay to making fighting successful in competition or on the street.  Our style of martial arts is a combination of boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, San Soo & Modern Arnis with the addition of many other styles to provide one with the ability to defend oneself.  Our Reed’s Elite program is designed to provide you with the tools to become a well-rounded martial artist from stand up to ground.  Our teachings are based on self defense skills in a friendly and safe environment. Master Kyle Reed has trained with the following Grand Masters, Masters and Top Fighters:


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