Sensei Deidra Reed

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Sensei Deidra Reed – 1st Degree Black Belt

Wife of Master Kyle and Office Manager,┬áSensei Deidra began her study of martial arts in November 1997 when Master Kyle opened his Martial Arts School, originally known as Jeff Davis Karate Academy. She started from the ground up, just like all the other students, taking class and training hard. She was a team leader for Jeff Davis Karate’s demonstration team and Stranger Danger team. Sensei Deidra has also attended numerous martial arts training seminars to perfect her martial arts skills. Participating in martial arts tournaments in Texas and Louisiana, has been of special interest to Sensei Deidra. After four years of diligent study and hands on training, Sensei Deidra earned her black belt on May 17, 2001, after a two day black belt test that included: forms, techniques, self-defense, running, endurance skills, 2 on 1 sparring and a written exam. After earning her black belt, she continued her martial arts training under the guidance and tutorship of Master Kyle and currently the head instructor at Reed’s Elite Mixed Martial Arts.

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